Leitmotif for Olivia Wilde

1.) I wanted to show how Olivia Wilde is elegant, but still strong. How she works well under public situations since she is so accustomed to the media. I want to show how she is a mom and how she still has to rush around trying to take care of her kids and keep them safe. She’s quiet a laid back person but she can stand her ground and stand up for what she believes in when it’s necessary. 
2.) D major
3.) The first part is at 110 bpm

     The second is 88 bpm

     The third part is 150 bpm

Scenario 1) When she needs to be serious at a press conference or meeting discussing business or issues involving women empowerment.
Scenario 2) when she’s very busy taking after her two young kids. Rushing around trying to manage them.

Link to the leitmotif: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg0c8sy651215h2/Leitmotif%20Task.m4a?dl=0



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