Olivia Wilde

Before I’d started this task I hadn’t known too much about Olivia Wilde’s feminist contributions, I didn’t really know who she was to begin with but now I have realised (along with all of the other masses of people) that she is one of the most prominent and determined feminists in Hollywood. She may not be as well know for her contributions but she has been able to voice her opinions using the platform that she has been given through acting and now, after I know far more about her, I believe that she (plus all of the other proud feminists in the world) will be able to start making changes.

Her full name is Olivia Jane Cockburn and she was born on 10 March 1984 in New York, USA. Her parents are Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. She is most commonly known as an actress (one of her most popular roles being in drinking buddies) but is also a producer, director, model, activist, entrepreneur and known feminist. 

One of the things that I’d found the most meaningful from her is when she said that feminism isn’t hard to teach children because they are already born with the ability to treat everybody equally. She said that children are taught to separate people and to treat others differently as they get older and I thought that that was really interesting. Children aren’t born racist or sexist or homophobic, they are taught to be by their parents and what is viewed in the media, however subtle it may be. She plans on raising her children as feminists and wants them to experiment and find out who they are.

Since she had become a mother, she’d become a loud supporter of the allowance of breastfeeding in public and has become a major voice in this effort. She is well known for her photo in glamour magazine of her breastfeeding her son Otis in a public setting showing how she’s standing up against this stigma around breastfeeding in public (being illegal in some parts of America). She is showing how she is taking control of her own body and using it in whatever way she wants or needs to which I believe is incredibly important. It’s for women’s body empowerment and for them to be able to feel secure and not have to worry about their bodies or how they are perceived. She is slowly helping to get rid of this stigma that people still have in their minds. Even though breastfeeding is legal (in most places) people are still against public breastfeeding as it is seen as indecent or a form of nudity but Olivia just says that it is something that women should have the choice of what they want to do with their bodies.

 “One thing that is very clear to me is that it should be every individual woman’s choice what she wants to do. But once she makes that choice, she should be publicly permitted to do that in whatever way she needs to.”

She is also speaks up about the need for contraception and for the access to reliable abortion doctors as it is another case of where women need to be able to take control of their own bodies and how it is incredibly important to have reliable ways of doing so. Again allowing women to be able to be comfortable and fully in control of their lives and bodies. 

Like I’d mentioned before, she is really outspoken about what women go through to do well in Hollywood. Other than the pay difference, in an interview she speaks about how she was advised to change into something ‘more revealing’ for a role to show off more skin. She talked about what she’d learnt from this person about what you should and shouldn’t do if you want to make it in Hollywood. It’s obvious how often women are sexualised and objectified in all types of media but I just found it interesting that people know about what’s happening and just go along with it.
Olivia Wilde is a feminist because she is unafraid about speaking up about important and noticeable issues in our society that relate to gender inequality and how she is continuously trying to teach people about how everybody should be treated equally.

Videoshttps://youtu.be/Dw8lgQAK59A (Olivia Wilde Is Told to be Hotter for Hollywood)

               https://youtu.be/uN5jvf5C6ws (Olivia Wilde: State of Female Justice)



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